Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tool Tray for Faux Bone™ Work

Some things I like to keep neat on the bench.  In back, a checkering file and a small Fretz riveting hammer. A center punch is kept in the little section in front of the hammer handle.  I do not use the riveting hammer to strike the center punch. For that, I use a double head brass/nylon hammer. In front, left to right, Robert's swivel head shaping tool (actually a wax carving tool), which doesn't get much use, and a fine grit mini sanding drum, which gets a lot of use. Next are various files in various degrees of coarseness, a needle tool, triangular scraper, another needle file, flat # 2 that is sometimes used to neaten up the end of a rivet, an X-acto knife with the standard blade.  In the last compartment on the right, an old typewriter cleaning brush for cleaning files, and a tool I found on the street that I've altered into a sort of scriber. I have no idea what use it was intended for originally.  The white square in a piece of Faux Bone™.

Also, outside the tray, a woodworker's countersink drill bit.  Used to chamfer drilled holes to neaten them up a bit.  Playing cards with hole punched in them. Guide for cutting rivets to length.

Getting ready to cut another shape, a crescent, and showing more of the messy bench. Some other shapes and some ideas that didn't quite work out.  Maybe someday I can save them from extinction and use them in another piece.

Next post will show the next major process in making a piece.

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