Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Awe

It is difficult for me to grasp, but I am in awe of the number hits this blog received yesterday!  Amazing!  Thanks to all who visited, and who may visit in the future.

Some much needed supplies of wire arrived yesterday, 1 pound spools and that means that I must soon put up a board with pegs to hold them.  Ah gee, I will have to move the tool cabinet, no big deal as it is on rollers, but it also means moving the bench out away from the wall and moving the stump.  The stump has become heavier and harder to move with all of the stuff it's carrying. An all day job for me.

Also arriving, one of Wubber's newest pliers, the wire looping one.  It works absolutely great.  Not that I can't make loops the old fashioned way, but these pliers make loops a cinch.  One caveat, one size only.  If you want bigger loops, you still have to do it the old way.  I can see at sometime in the future, there may be a larger looper coming from Wubber's.  We'll just have to wait and see.

Organic 2 is one quarter finished.  For some strange reason, sawing it out was not fun, and I broke three blades.  Had be something I was doing wrong.  Maybe forcing the blade, white knuckle syndrome, take your pick.  Ended up using a short, bent blade, and taking a lot of care not to get the blade in bind.  That increased the sawing time considerably. Anyway, the sawing is done.  The next step is cleaning up the holes.  Then, I think I will put in some various size rivets, and then begin to shape the whole piece.  After that, heat it up with a heat gun and form the piece on a wood dapping block.

Thanks for your continued interest.

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