Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frustration Dampeners

Changing drill bits can be a hassle.  There are no 3/32" shank drill bits which exactly match wire gauge sizes, so using a quick change hand piece is out.  Using  keyed chuck hand piece is the only option, leaving one with constantly adjusting to this size bit to that size bit.  Shown are two different adapter chucks, both with 3/32" shanks.  The one on the left is meant for bits No. 60 down to 80.  The one on the right come with two chucks, for No. 60 on up to 48 (12 gauge).  The adapter chucks aren't that expensive.  I now have a full suite fitting wire gauges 12 through 26 gauge, including the 1/16" bit for certain eyelets and rivets.

I have placed them in individual plastic tubes and labeled them.


  1. John: get a set of reamers or broaches. Drill a hole using a drill bit that's smaller than the hole you need, then just ream it out with a broach until you've cut the proper diameter. It's the perfect tool if you need a hole made to a precise specification. Then, you might have an excuse to get that QC handpiece too!

    Here's what I'm talking about:


  2. Thanks for the tip, John. I'll look inyo getting a set.