Sunday, September 29, 2013

Steampunk Reversible Pendant

Another stab at doing some Steampunk jewelry.   

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Steampunk

Components for a necklace element.  Compass disc from Tim Holtz "idea-ology" line. The disc heated with hot air gun and while warm, Swellegant Blood Red Dye-oxide daubed onto the surface. The part on the right is a textured brass strip, drilled for the brass screw, heated and Swellegant Darkening Patina daubed on and then relieved with sanding block.  Bent to fit the disc.  Copper wire balled.  A watch crown added to the brass strip. The wire will be inserted inside the brass strip.  The ball end will allow movenent in the finished piece.

The finished element.  The Compass disc can be rotated if desired.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Investigating Steampunk

One reason for not posting sooner is that I got interested in making some Steampunk style jewelry.  It seems to me there are several categories of steampunk style.  There is what I would classify as Classical where the maker is using found objects and re-purposing them into not only jewelry, but also into fashion clothing and accessories, wall art and sculpture.  On another level, the maker is using cast or stamped (not found) objects and either using them as is, or altering them in some fashion.

I'm starting on the low end of steam punk style jewelry and hopefully work my way into a better grade of steampunk.

Below, are shown some gears and wheels, beginning and after, of the "not found" variety which have been altered from their factory finish.

The far left gear and the bottom right and far right wheels were sanded to remove some of the factory finish.  These were heated using a heat gun, then both Swellegant Darkening Patina and Blood Red Dye-Oxide dabbed on using a small water color brush.  I like to think these look better that way.  More steampunky.

Here's the colorant.

You could use the product without heat but it would take much, much longer to work.  

Anyway, it's a beginning.