Saturday, June 25, 2011

Still sawing, filing and sanding

I have started a new series using Faux Bone™.  I haven't stopped with the Organics, but writing that step-by-step used up a lot of time.  After setting that aside to sort of re-set the brain, I took a nearly full sheet of bone and drew out some designs and started sawing and sawing,  sawing, ending with twenty pieces.  I decided to saw all the pieces, one after other, rather than do one, finish it, then do another.

The shape of some of the pieces is different than any I had done before, and may be, in their own way, more interesting.  We'll see.

After sawing all the pieces, I took a mini-drum sander and smoothed the edges.  Now I have to decide how to finish them.

Then I retrieved the step-by-step, read it again and groaned.  It won't do.  Another re-write is called for, so it's back to the keypad for more typing.  Maybe I'll get it right this time!

I doubt if I can post any photos until  next mid-week.  Too many things in the way right now.

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