Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alcohol Ink and Faux Bone

Shown are a few alcohol inked tiles of Faux Bone.  There are innumerable ways to apply ink to Faux Bone and the above barely scratch the surface.

The procedure I use for the pendants-in-progress shown in the previous post, is to draw a free-form shape and cut it out, saving the cut out piece.  If this piece is too ragged, I use it to redraw it on another piece of paper and cut that out.  The open piece is moved around on the tile to find an attractive or interesting area.  Then, I tape it in place with one piece of tape.  The other form is place inside the other and it is taped in place.  The open form is untaped and removed.

Next, I saw around the taped on form, moving or removing tape pieces as needed.

Why do all this?  I don't know!  It's just my method.  By doing all this, shapes can be repeated again and again if I want to do that.  Call me crazy, I don't care.  But don't call me late to dinner!

Next post, I will be experimenting again with a different coloring process on Faux Bone with the usual free form shapes.

Until then be well and for American followers, have a Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What I've been doing, etc.

Hello folks, back again with a long overdue post.  A cordial welcome to new followers who apparently found some interest in the blog.

I decided to go back to experimenting with Faux Bone.  One of the experiments resulted in a request for a tutorial, which I wrote, but is hanging in limbo in a "hold and review file.  The way my luck goes it may linger there for an eternity.  I may get paid and again I may not.  I've written another tutorial, but this one, no pay.  Notoriety, maybe.  That I can do without.

My experiments incorporated the use of alcohol inks, trying different ways of application.  Some, but not all are shown below.

And again below, the reverse side of the above.

These free form shapes are cut from 1/16" Faux Bone, and will become reversible pendants.

As shown, they are not finished.  I will drill a jump ring hole, insert an eyelet, and jump ring, then string them.

I've also, experimented with some other types of pendants that I can't show or tell about as these have tutorials written.  When and if either get published, then you can go to the sources and view them.

Anyway, hope you like these as there's some others in the works and I won't bother and maybe waste my time doing tutorials.

Hope to see you soon.