Friday, November 9, 2012

Shelves and Stuff

Finally got the shelves put up!  These are in the garage. Now, I have a place for stuff.  Stuff that cluttered up the work bench.  The idea is to leave the bench top open to work on one operation at a time.  The only things somewhat permanently attached to the bench are the two rolling mills.  They can be moved if it becomes necessary to do so.  Behind the small mill is a metal shear.  The mills and the shear are covered when not in use.

The placement of the various tools on the shelves is temporary.  The old coffee can that holds the propane tank is fastened to a scrap piece of plywood. On the other end of the plywood has a torch holder fastened to it.  This arrangement can be moved elsewhere on the bench and is clamped down with a small C-clamp.  The same is true with the flex shaft and the other equipment.  Pushing C-clamp usage to the maximum, here!

Right now, the plan is for cold tools on the left end on the shelves, and hot tools on the left.  I think you can see this in the photos.  There still more rearranging to do.  A more convenient place for the soldering tools, pick, flux brushes, tweezers, burn'em up pliers, etc.

Dapping and some texturing will be done inside in the laundry room studio.  I laugh every time I write that "laundry room studio."

Two additional shelves were put over a sink in the garage, but the space is tight it's not possible to get a good photo of them.

All for this edition.  Happy Thanksgiving All!