Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty Day

Today was a nice, warm, beautiful day.  I elected to work outside, getting ready to plant a few flowers so naturally, didn't get a lot done on the bench improvements.  Did make a shelf for the flex-shaft motor control to sit on, and out of the way.  It won't be taking up room on the bench top where things can get pretty crowded.  Also the flex-shaft chuck key now has a permanent site, where it is held in place with a magnet.  If it gets tossed down in the catch drawer, it gets lost and I have to fish around amongst  all the other tools to find it.  Got all the electric cords for the flex-shaft motor control and the foot pedal  captured.  No more cords underfoot.

Some new twist drill bits came in today. Now I have a complete set of drill bits for various wire sizes, from 8 gauge down through 26 gauge.  It's weird how the drill sizes match up to the wire gauge sizes.  the drill size for 8 gauge is a No. 30 drill,  and 26 gauge is either a No. 78 or a  No. 79.  The latter is due to some variation in size from one wire supplier to another.  I'm guessing that it may be due to a new die, or one that's worn and probably needs to be replaced, or it could be a difference in tension on the wire when drawn through the die.  I dunno, you tell me.

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