Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pendant 6

Finally finished something.  Another pendant which I have no name for it.  It is rather thrown together, with no clear idea as to what it should look like or represent when finished.

A number of techniques are involved here:  From wire work, bead stringing, riveting, eyelet emplacement, texturing, etc.

Materials: Faux Bone™, brass wire and eyelets, seed beads, ocean jasper, Swarovski half-drilled pearl beads attached with Zap-A-Gap on wire posts, Golden red oxide acrylic paint, Spirit River light blue Unique Hair (a fishing fly-tying material.)


  1. bumped into your blog by pure accident and think you are doing beautiful work!! also ...loved your profie but must correct you .. You are only as old as you feel, keep up to nice work and thanks for the inspiration

  2. Thanks Colleen for the kind comment!