Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Faux Bone Pendant

Well, folks, I don't know about this one.  It's different, but I made a lot of mistakes in getting it done.  Top is to the left with a curled wire bale underneath.  Approx. 3 7/16's x 3/4 inch or 8.7 x 1.9 cm. Sterling silver rivets,  copper spacer beads with Robert's brass rivets to hold the spacer beads.  I originally had it hanging from a wire wrap loop. Didn't like the look.  Had to put a rivet in the hole.  No round wire the right size, so had to take a piece of 14 gauge square wire, put that in a pin vise and hammer a portion round to fit the hole.  Unnecessary amount of work, which comes from not thinking ahead.  Plus, I probably used too much acrylic paint.  Oh, well. Live and learn.  Got to make mistakes to learn.  If you can that is.

O.K.,  going to stop working with the jewelry making for awhile. Have to make some additional bench improvements.  I'm thinking I might have some more faux bone pieces done sometime week after next.

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