Monday, March 7, 2011

More on Real Faux Bone and some of the tools I've been using.

Long winded title.  I've started using "Real" in writing about faux bone to distinguish the "real" from other materials such as polymer clay.  The arrowhead, previously shown in an earlier post, has been textured with a 3/16s inch round bur and the next step will be to drill holes for a copper wire spiral.  One of the tag ends will a leg inserted in a drill hole and riveted. The other end will be a wrap around the top of the arrowhead, and then become a bail.  I sure hope I left myself enough wire!

Here's a run down on the tools.

Fine point Sharpie pen.  Jeweler's saw with Robert's special blade.  Bench pin. Eight inch, half round wood rasp and a four inch half round rasp. The bur mentioned above, and a 3/4 inch diameter bristle brush, in a flex-shaft. The brush cleaned up some of the crumbs left in the depressions. A sanding stick with 30 micron grit. No. 67 twist drill bit. Triangular scraper to bevel the top and bottom of the drill holes. You could use a larger size drill bit to do the same job.  This makes a seat for the rivet.  The ubiquitous three pliers, round nose, flat nose, chain nose, and the flush cutter.  Flat needle file, No. 2 cut to file the wire ends flat.  The so-called flush cutter I have always leaves a little peak on the wire.  Riveting hammer, small, almost teeny size.  Save the fingers!  Steel bench block. The two, hole punched playing cards (gauge for cutting the wire end to make the rivet). Various colors of acrylic paint, what ones I don't know as yet. Have to experiment to see what looks kinda rocky like.

Anyway, hope to finish it, tomorrow, sometime.

Also in the works, a cartouche shape (ha! the spell checker just went nuts!), which I will attempt to stamp something into the material.  They won't be Egyptian, though.

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