Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too Much Snow

Woooie!  My wife and I are both tuckered out!  Cleaning off a forty foot double driveway is a bit much for us old folks.  But we got it done, got the car out, and celebrated our victory by going over to The Village Inn restaurant for coffee (decaf) and pie.  Apple for her, lemon meringue for me. I like apple just fine, but their lemon meringue is terrific!  No mail delivery, no UPS, no Fed-X and no newspaper!  Darn!

And, as you might imagine, very little got accomplished in the faux bone department.  Before going out and tackling the driveway, I did start an arrowhead (sort of), design out of a piece of scrap left over from the other ones.  Still have to finish sanding these.  The arrowhead isn't going to need much sanding as I will tap, tap, tap a ball bur mounted in the flex-shaft to simulate the knapping process used to create genuine arrowheads.  I should say that I hope that is what will happen.  I'm probably going to be stiff and sore tomorrow, and there's no prediction if I can get something done. I might just tinker around and draw up some designs for future pieces.

The blog here has been getting quite a number of hits lately,  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.   I do appreciate your interest, and I'll try to make the blog as interesting as I can.

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