Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Pendants

These are not the ones I had intended to post.  The one on the right is from left over scrap from another project which is currently unfinished.  It sort of resembles an ancient pottery shard.  This piece has no shaping from filing.  I am showing this to illustrate that depending on what the end results you want the piece to be, you don't have to shape the material with a file.  All the shaping was done with the saw, and a triangular scraper.  And the standard sanding sequence. Markings with an X-acto knife blade and a awl.  In addition to the burnt sienna paint, I used a bit of pyrrole orange.

The piece on the left uses Robert Dancik's brass rivets, available from Crackerdog Designs.

Both will eventually be strung with Greek leather cord.


  1. Saw your piece on Judy's Faux Bone Musing's blog and had to pop over to say how great it looks!

  2. Thank you, Melissa for your kind comment.