Monday, August 2, 2010

Plier rack, again

Posting the plier rack photo on generated more interest than I expected. Now, after giving the project a little more thought, I can see there is possibly room for improvement. For example: Changing just a bit the angle of the notch for the aluminum angle. I am not going to change what I have, but someone else might think it would be better.

In the photo with pliers on the rack, not all of the pliers I use are on there. Because JL is primarily a wire work site, only the pliers which I use most for that were put on the rack. I wasn't sure how others would work out. Now that I tried them, they fit just fine. So, it's goodbye to the old plastic one that never worked right, and there's more room on the bench.

I'm going to play with making a holder on the side of the rack to hold a pair of metal shears. We'll see. I have a little left over aluminum bar stock I think I can bend to make a holder.

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