Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bench Modification continues

The modification for the next few days will be a removable wirework/beading board to fit into the bench catch tray. It will fit down into the catch tray, clearing the pull-out shelf rail. Two slots on either side of the board will hold sections from and old aluminum muffin tin that I've cut apart. Those will hold the beads for any project I will be working on. In the center, a frame for the bead mat. The whole thing will be a little rough, but it will work.

The new bench pin is great. Now, all that's needed for sawing is some provision for the block of beeswax, and a place for a brush to clear away the accumulating debris from sawing. Got to see the line!

Did some work on a mount for the little one inch jaw vise. I also will need to make a mount for the larger Panavise. Both mounts will need to be compatible with one another to avoid drilling unnecessary holes. Got to get more T-Nuts! Whee, the excitement goes on! Someday, yes, I will try to post some pics.

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