Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beading Board

Well, here it is, just as about as complete as possible. It's pretty rough, but that's o.k. All scrap and salvage. I am thinking of an addition of another shallow tray in back to hold cut pieces of wire. Ran out of wood, again. As you can see, the gizmo fits into the bench catch tray. Feet underneath. The whole thing is supposed to be level. Come to find out, the catch tray bottom isn't exactly square with the world! The cups were salvaged from grocery store product demos. Stores sometimes are promoting some kind of snack food, so there's hardly ever any need to clean them. Just knock out the crumbs. Beading pad located in the center of the board. In the back left corner of the tray is a top off of a spray can that holds a piece scrubbie pad to polish up the wire. It stays in place by a small magnet. Also stored in the catch tray, good old empty (well, partially empty), Altoids mint tins, one each for scraps of fine silver, sterling silver, copper, and two kinds of brass.

The plier rack will rest on the bottom bench drawer.

On the front of the bench catch tray, I've marked out some measurements for cutting ye olde wire to length.


  1. OMG!!!! I would be the happiest women alive if I could have this!!!!! I hope you will create many beautiful jewelry using it!!!!!

  2. Thank you,simina, for your enthusiastic comment! Much appreciated! As far as beautiful jewelry, wee, we shall have to see how that goes.


  3. You know, I beg every day my husband to make me something like this, and your bench is so perfect, you actualy found a place for every litle tool!!!!!

  4. Hey John, do you need me to send you my address? I could probably spare some time this weekend to hold a flashlight or something while you make this for me. :-)

    Seriously, this is an awesome and creative use of salvage - excellent job!!!

    Francesca (aka fwwatson on JL)

  5. Thanks simina and Francesca..