Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bench Pin

Here I go again, griping. I had an issue with the bench pin supplied with the bench, so after fighting the thing for months and trying out other substitutes, I finally broke down and bought a GRS mount and bench pin. Rock solid, a joy to work on. But, for the cost of it, you would think the company would at least run a sander along the edges, just to knock off any splinters left from sawing. Nope, I guess they could bear the expense. I barely avoided finger impalement by a rather large splinter. Other than that, a great bench pin. I didn't use the screws which came with the mounting plate. I installed T-Nuts in the bench top and attached it with 1/4" x 20 bolts. That way, if I need to remove the plate, I can do so easily. I never like to make anything too permanent.

In addition, since I created drilling debris which fell into the catch tray, I decided it was time to clean it out. Gee, what a mess that was! In a way, it was like a treasure hunt. "Oh, there's that bead I dropped six months ago! Wondered where that went to. And, here's a pair of tweezers way back here," and so on. Amazing what you can find ater a year's accumlation. I have now resolved to do better, keep things neater, cleaner. Wonder how long that will last? I have three empty Altoids tins, one labled for scrap silver, one for copper, and one for brass. Wire and metal clippings will go in these and not the catch tray. Yessir, the organization never stops!

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