Friday, January 27, 2012

Rio Grande Big Sale

Rio Grande is having a sale and of course old John succumbed to the lure of lowered prices and completely blew the budget on a Durston rolling mill.  A DRM F 100 R.  So, what's wrong with the one I already have?  Actually, nothing.  The Durston will give me more accurate repeatable settings.  With the one I have now, repeating an exact setting is rather hit and miss.  Mostly miss.  The new mill has greater width and greater gap capacity between the rollers.

A lot of time and work ahead to reconfigure the metalwork bench to accommodate the new mill.  Plus cleaning off all the shipping oil that will be on the unit.  The new mill will be about 40 pounds heavier than the other mill, so I will have a job getting the mill in place.  I ain't that strong in the lifting department anymore.  But, I will manage somehow.

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