Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mixed Metal Elements

What I have been working on lately.  Necklace elements of mixed metal.  Copper, Brass and Aluminum.

Stamped out pieces with disc cutter, then some textured and elongated with rolling mill. Some pieces textured with nothing more than a sandwich of metal and two pieces cut from a manilla file folder.  Others were textured with a piece cut from one of those netted onion sacks from the grocery, and others using a piece of brass screen. Parts of some elements textured with metal stamps.  Some have been brushed with a Pumice 3M Radial Bristle Disc.

Fastened together with Crafted Findings Rivet Tool and various rivets.  Figured out a way to use the rivet tool that works for me.  Not exactly classic, but it works.  The tool is held in the Sine Vise.  This vise, at 8 pounds. stays put pretty well where ever I put it.  With the hole punched and the proper size rivet selected, I place the rivet head down on a small piece of Scotch Packaging Tape.  The rivet can be inserted in the hole  in the metal element and turned upside down to be placed in the tool without fear of the rivet dropping to the floor and disappearing.  After setting the rivet, the tape is removed.  Absolutely brilliant!  Ha, ha.

The different colors on the metal come from using a torch to form a heat patina.

I do apologize for the rather poor photography.

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