Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go To Hammer

We all have our personal favorite tools.  This is a photo of my "Go To Hammer."  I use this hammer more than any other.  I use it for center punching, stamping, flattening and work hardening.  Another favorite hammer is the little Fretz (No. 406), riveting hammer.  There's a picture of it with other tools in an earlier post. 

Pliers:  When it comes to pliers, I find the Speetog indispensible.  Too bad it's no longer made. Otto Frei does have a similar on, but it's pricey.

Files:  It depends on what material I working with.  Faux Bone™, I use No. 00 and No. 1 halfround Hablis for most of the roughing out work.  For metal, an 8 inch overall length, Grobet No. 2 flat file, and for some areas, a Grobet No.2 Barrette needle file.

This hammer (some call it a mallet), has easily replaceable 5/8's inch faces, brass and nylon. It weighs around 5 oz. The head is about 2 5/8's inches long. Overall length, about 9 inches.

I didn't have any thing else ready to publish.  Stock sheets of metal arrived, and I've been busy cutting them down to manageable sizes.  Whole lotta sawing going on.  More stuff arriving.  Now to find places for it all!  That's the problem with new materials and equipment.  

I'll try to post something interesting next week next week

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