Monday, January 30, 2012

The New Rolling Mill Arrived

Oh, Boy! The new Durston Mill is here!  Can't help but be a little excited about that.  First things first. I had to remove the old mill from it's place, and re-orient the stand I had built for it.  It was big enough for the new mill and I used it for that.  I will change the rollers in the old mill for wire work, make a new stand, and the find a place to put it.

This is package the mill came in.  Looks nice doesn't it?  Old mill in the background.

Opening the package, and there's the instructions.  Read before going any further!  O.K. Did that.

Package opened.  First view of the mill after removing some of the foam packing.

With the help of strong wife, the mill is up on it's stand, but not yet fastened down.  Handle attached with the Allen wrench.

Using a transfer pinch to mark where the mounting holes go.  Punch does not come with the mill!  Have to furnish your own.

Drilling the holes with 1/2 inch bit.  Yeah, it looks crooked but that's because the drill bit is setting in a partially drilled hole and I have to use two hands to take the picture and can't hold the drill straight.  It will all come out just fine in the end.

Bolted down.  Rollers cleaned of the protective grease.  We're all set to go!  Yippee and Wahoo! Put a cover over it to keep off the dust.  Tomorrow will be sawing and annealing day to get some metal ready to run through and give the mill a shakedown cruise.

One other little chore I must do it put some addition bracing on the bench under the mill as this mill is a deal heavier than the other one.

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