Sunday, September 18, 2011


Nothing to show for this week, but I have been busy using what time available to get some things done.

Spent the hard earned money on supplies, more copper sheet, 24 gauge.  Amazing how fast you can go through a 12 x 12 inch sheet!  Used up a entire sheet pounding out various sized discs and some misshapen washers.  I may have devise something to get the hole centered in the punch as I don't seem to be a very good judge to get it right.   Four washers out of eight, ah well, fifty percent, anyway.  Ran some of the metal through the rolling mill for textures.  Some of the discs will end up a bead caps.  Others, don't know, yet.  Got out the circle dividing template, marked centers, punched holes.

Did no further work on the anvil.

Paid a visit to Harbor Freight and bought some compartmented storage boxes.  Little more pricey than the hobby shop, but better quality. You can never have too much storage!  Ha!, you might know, no space left for the boxes.

Then, ordered several tins of Gilder's Paste.  I really like this stuff!  Lima Beads,  has a good selection and best price. Plus, if you are an established customer, you might get 10% off your order, and if you're not in a big hurry, there's free shipping!  There's some "how to use" instructions on the site.  Check it out.  Another way to add color to your metal, (copper and brass), polymer clay, and Faux Bone™.

Decided to buy a new book just out at the bookstore.  "Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry", by Barbara Lewis.
Lewis has developed a technique using an ordinary Mapp gas or Propane fueled torch to fire enamel. No kiln needed.  Great!  Last thing I want is a kiln.  Too rich for my blood, plus no place left to put one! Now that I've bought the book, guess I'll have to get some enamel and try the technique out and see what develops.  Be awhile before I do that, spent all my pennies on the above stuff.

And, speaking of torches,  checkout DynastyLab's blog,  and take a look at his "torch series".  He has published two articles so far, more to come.

Finally, something I've been meaning to do for some time now, is mention another blog, "Jan and Shane Rogers Blog for Mixed Media Art and Jewelry."  They've got more items on their blog than you can shake a stick at!  Sorry to be so long in giving your well deserved recognition!

Next post, a week from now.  Maybe I will have something to show, then.

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