Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Metal Stamp Holder --another scrap wood project

Two scrap wood blocks, glued, and bored with brad  point wood drill bits, then glued onto a beveled wood block to tilt it forward.  There are some open spots for additional stamps should they be obtained sometime in the future.  I made it small because it is easier to handle that way.

Did more work on the anvil.  It's coming along slowly.  I might get it finished this weekend.


  1. I have close to 50 old Tandy leather stamps. I have used a few on soft copper, but was wondering how long they would last. Any ideas? I've never actually seen stamps just for metal, so I can't compare.

  2. I have heard of people using leather stamps on thin gauge metal. I would think your stamps would work o.k. if you annealed the metal first. As to how long they would last, I can't answer that. I don't even know if there is a difference in the temper of the steel from leather stamps to metal stamps.

    The stamps pictured in the holder were bought as metal stamps from Metalliferous, a jewelry supply company.

    That's for asking.

  3. This is awesome...why didn't I think of that!! I made a holder for my setting burs...and I asked my dad to make me a file holder out of wood...but I am going to have to see if he can make me one of these little dandy things too!!! I just have my stamps in a wooden box right now...but this wood (ha, ha) make my stamps easier to find!! Hope you don't mind if I use your idea!!! Nice blog BTW!!!
    Thanks a bunch.
    Aimee Domash