Friday, September 2, 2011


Company gone back home. Glad to see them come, glad to see them leave.  Maybe that's a poor attitude to have, but grandchildren of 2 going on 3 and 3 going on 4, can wear you out in hurry!  Boundless energy!

Now, September is here and maybe, just maybe we can enjoy some cooler weather.  Summer has been a scorcher.

And, maybe I can get back to working again on some jewelry pieces.  I'm going to switch gears a little and try to do more metal, and metal and faux bone together.

Here's a little tip beginning wire workers might like, and anyone else using wire wraps and jump rings.   Sometimes, no matter how careful you may be, a little snag may show up.  Take a piece of cotton, or cotton ball, and lightly swipe it over your jump rings and wraps.  You'll soon know if something needs to be rectified, as the cotton will snag on it.

Probably Monday next, I'll have something worth showing.

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