Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too Darn Hot!

It appears that NW Arkansas is in for a long dry, hot, muggy summer.  Ugh!

Previously mentioned going back to work.  Big lie.  Haven't done a thing except to try an organize a bit more.  Digging through the piles of stuff and stuff and more stuff, running across all sorts of unfinished work.  Why do I start something, go so far and then get bored and don't finish.  I must have a mental block  there working overtime.  I just like to experiment with this or that process to see where it leads and then go on to something else.

Speaking of stuff.  Go to Nancy L T Hamilton's website and look for her studio tour video.  It's a lot of fun and interesting.  She's a fun lady.

When I get my STUFF better organized, I going to go back to working with faux bone.  That way I'll stay out of the hot garage here half of the metal work is done and stay in the cool.

I'm quite taken with Adirondak's Alcohol Inks.  Couldn't resist getting some more.  I order mine out from Lima Beads.  I can get individual bottles, pick and choose the colors, and don't have to by them in sets as they are often sold.  The colors are supposed to make a palette that go together which is fine for scrap booker's, but are of little use to me.  I am such a fabulous artist anyway.  I don't need any help in choosing colors!  Now if you believe what I just wrote, perhaps I can interest you in some beach front property on Lake Chad.  Cheap!

No more tutorials!  Too much wasted time. too many rules and regulations, and very little reward.  If I have anything meaningful about various process I use in my kind of jewelry making, I'll put it here, free of charge.

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