Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to work, sort of.....

New addition.  Broke down and decided to try one of these gizmos out.  As it turns out, some tools fit fairly well, some barely fit, and some are simply inadequate for the job.  I'm going to need to make some adjustments.  The only way to get the hammer section to hang right was to clamp a piece of 3/8's inch plywood to the back to give some support.  I need to put some grommets in the apron so that the backing board can be held on with some small bolts.  Then I can get rid of the clamps.

I've tried to fit the most used tools into the apron.  These are primarily metal working.

One thing I've put off, for who knows how long now, is color coding my files.  Just too lazy to take the time.

Other changes in the fabulous studio include resurrecting a multi-drawer storage cabinet for storing the miniature mandrels, grinders, polishers, sanders, buffs, etc., etc., etc.  Moved the soldering out to the garage.  No real space set-up for that stuff as yet.  Just another add-on to the never ending to to list.  I used to like to do soldering, but anymore it seems a chore.

New tools.  At last, I found some matting stamps.  These make very fine textures on metal and devilish hard to find in the US.  I am pretty sure that if you take a trip to Europe you can find some.  These were apparently made in the US by Nechampkin, a mark of high end chasing tools.

Another acquisition which I'm kinda liking are the abrasive fiber wheels Rio is carrying.  These come in four grits and put a nice finish on metal.


  1. New tools and a new way to organize-- sounds like a good day to me :) I'm still trying to figure out what to do with mine. What a long story THAT is! LOL!

  2. Hi Tela. thanks for the comment. One thing I've learned is not to make anything to permanent! In other words, put things together with screws, or nut and bolts. That way things can be taken apart and reconfigured, or moved to another location. I try to work out of trays which hold only the tools needed for a project, then I put them away, or change them around for a different project. I also use little chocolate candy boxes as places to keep the flex shaft tools used for a specific project. Everyone, in time, develops their own way of working which suits them.

  3. John, Where was my head in my last comment when I called you Jim,,so sorry!!
    Great way to store your tools. Makes sense to keep them handy yet accessible without taking up too much space. Always great to have new tools to work with.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks, Christine. You're forgiven. You aren't the only one who has called me Jim.

    Even though not all the tools fit like I would like, the tool apron is pretty handy.