Sunday, April 24, 2011


This blog is supposed to be about my jewelry making efforts, but I must say the weather around here lately has been nothing but wet, wet, wet!  Rain storms, thunder storms, three hailstorms so far, two in one day, and tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, and still more to come.  We are, however, more fortunate than some who suffered the havoc of large hail and tornado damage.

Onward to what progress has been made in the la studio.  I've set aside the Beach Combing piece for the time being.  The time being when the inspirational muse thrums a few chords in my brain so I can finish the piece.

In the meantime, I have started a new piece which is about halfway finished.  I should have it done by Wednesday/Thursday, and hopefully we will have a break in the weather and I can get a photo of it for your viewing pleasure.  Plus I'll show the tools used and bore you with how I did it.

See you then.

Couple more items.  The photo of the micro-punch might be misleading.  If you look close, the top plate is not down firmly on the metal as it should be if actually stamping the metal.  The punches can be used from either end and must be struck with a plastic or nylon head hammer.

Run across another blog which might be of interest if your working with metal.

Interesting and informative commentary there, check it out.

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