Saturday, April 2, 2011

P. S.

I knew I would forget something! Note to self, make notes.

Just a suggestion.  You just got your piece of Faux Bone™ in the mail.  Cut out about a two inch square of the material.  Wet sand one side only, going from course to fine grits.  Sanding one side allows you to get the feel of the results, and will help you grip the material for the next procedure.

With your file, rough shape one edge, then smooth in down, using the circular filing method as shown in the tutorial DVD, checking the results as you go.  Sand this side.

Next, drill some holes of the appropriate size, and practice riveting.

Next, practice adding textures with craft knife, stamps, or other materials.

Practice adding color, with acrylic paint, shoe polish, alcohol based ink, color pencils.

Now you're ready for the big time and a finished one-of-a-kind piece that rocks!

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