Saturday, April 2, 2011

Impure Copper Wire

I have just discovered that impure copper wire is being sold in some craft stores.  I had to stop and do some clean up at the bench and while picking up some copper wire cut offs that missed getting a little container I have for that purpose, that some of the wire stuck to pair of tweezers that happened to be magnetized.  I checked some of the spools of copper wire with a magnet and the wire stuck to the magnet, indicating it was not pure copper as sold.  Maybe this won't make a difference to you in your work, but it should.


  1. Makes a huge difference to me. I only want pure copper wire drawn for jewelry applications. No coatings. Just copper.

  2. Thanks Lois, for your comment. Everyone should check their copper wire to make sure they are really using copper and nnot some colored substitute.