Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stump final, fully loaded

I believe this will be the last posting about the stump. To work on it, the stump is pulled out from it's little niche, then rotated to use the various pieces of equipment. The photo shows the Panavise to the left, steel bench block on sandbag pad, goldsmith's hammer, Foredom drill press, front right, and the Wolf sander in back, right. All the equipment is removable, so others can be installed. There are still minor refinements to be done, such as putting in holders for the various hex wrenches for the drill press and the sander. A vacuum will be hooked up to the sander when that is being used. I may need to include some sort of hanger arrangement for the flex-shaft motor.

In the meantime, I tried out a different saw and blade to cut Faux Bone. I find I have much more success using a Gorbet saw frame and a 4/0 Laser Gold (Rio Grande brand) blade. The difference between the German saw frame with Robert Danzig special blade installed and the other is remarkable. I have more control over the cutting. That problem solved, I'll move onto the next, getting nice clean scribe marks sort of etched into the material to receive color. The material by itself without some enhancement is pretty much blah.

The enormous Rio Grande catalog has arrived and of course, all work stops in order to peruse the contents. Then an e-mail announcing special sale, and there's page after page of that to go through.

I will try again this weekend to show something I've managed to finish using Faux Bone.

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