Monday, January 24, 2011

Bone Wars

Well folks, Im sorry I have nothing to show for my experiments working with Faux Bone. The material is proving to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. I will persevere and not allow the material to get the better of me. So there! In fact, I'm going to order some more of it, so when I do get the hang of working with it, I will have a sufficient supply on hand.

In the meantime, more work got done on the stump. Finished an app for the Foredom drill press. I still have to figure out an app for the Wolf sander. Just to clarify things, not all apps will be present on the stump. There has to be room for using the disc cutter, the dapping tools, anvils and bench blocks, so nothing is ever permanently placed on the stump. Then, there will be finding a place for a small vacuum to take care of the dust when any sanding is to be done. Faux Bone does create a lot of debris. I also need to figure out some kind of a vacuum attachment for the bench pin area on the bench.

Also did maintenance on the Pana Vise. Over the years some debris had built up on the inside of the rotating base making it hard to move. Took that apart and re-lubed it with some lithium grease. Works fine, now.

All for now, thanks for visiting!

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