Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brief Posting

Very brief posting this time.  Company's gone and I can begin doing some work after I sort things out.  Had to put my sprawl of projects in various states of completion away to keep curious little fingers from getting into them.  Now I have to sort them all out again.

Gave my daughter in law and her mother (who refers to herself as the "outlaw"), a couple thousand or more beads from my stash.  Daughter in law makes both beaded and steam punk masks which she sells at some of the specialized conventions she attends.  The "outlaw" does Native American type beadwork, so they both went away happy. I would have like for them to take a couple thousand more beads then I might have more room.

I did manage to sell a couple Faux Bone pieces, the leaf ones with alcohol ink coloring.  So, I am happy about that.

I will gradually begin to make some minor changes in this blog over the next few weeks.

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