Friday, August 9, 2013

Applicators and Sanders

Shown, some of the things I use to apply alcohol ink to Faux Bone.  On the left are tiny little applicators that Micro Mark sells.  They weren't specifically made for applying ink, but I adapted them to the job.  Next, the ubiquitous Q-tips, but notice one end has been clipped off.  The resulting stub end becomes another applicator!  Amazing how this works.  Then there is the make up eye shadow applicator, used without modification.

On the right, the familiar salon sanding boards.  These are really great for curves, inside and outside, nicely conforming to them, and for edges as well.

I recently made an expensive mistake.  People have been saying how great the Tronex cutters are.  Well, certainly, they are well made.  No doubt about that.  But do they really make a better cut on wire than other brands?  In my own tests of the razor cut Tronex, it did not cut the wire any better than the Xuron cutters I've been using.  Expensive is not always better.

No production next week.  Company coming in for a visit and the wrist is still hurting.

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