Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back at last

Been very busy attempting to write a tutorial for and it was a real chore to do.  Rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite.  Finally got it finished and submitted, only to do it again, and again, and finally success.  Now there's folks that want me to do another one.  This one ain't gonna be a freebie.  Anyone who wants it will have to part with a bit coin.  Way too much work otherwise to do it for free.  Anyway, I will try to post something a little more often.  Stay tuned for a home made bench pin with a whole different look.  I think you will fine it interesting.  I'll put up a pic in a couple days.  Till then, take care, be happy and do good work.


  1. John, you are a bad boy! No linkie??? I didn't know you had a tute at JL! Now, I have to go find it. You really should post a shameless self promoting link ;)

  2. Ah, well Tela, I'm not much of the ego boosting kind. Guess I'm too laid back anymore.