Sunday, July 31, 2011

La Bench

Little change of pace, a pic of my CLEAN! bench.  In the past, things got really messy. Now I'm trying very hard to work neater, put things back in a certain spot, making them easier to find.  Tools have been moved to be more accessible and those that aren't used as much are put away.  A coil of 16 gauge brass wire is on the bench pin, cutters and pliers in a tray in the drawer.  The little plastic cups (saved from the BBQ Joint), hold jump rings and tube spacers just recently cut.  Pretty soon, the different batches will be tumbled, and some of the copper will be heat treated, some will receive some LOS.  Those heavy duty Xuron cutters resting in the tray really work well for the heavier gauge wire.

My workplace is really tight.  I couldn't back up far enough to show the whole bench.

I guess I have some sort of fixation on other people's workplaces. I love looking at them.  Everyone is different.

A lot of jewelry makers like to listen to music, or the radio as the work.  I am a complete opposite.  I like silence.  I have trouble concentrating if there is noise, music or otherwise.  But, I do like music, and when I do listen to it, I don't want the distraction of anything else.  Funny that way.

Next post probably a week from the date of this post.

In the meantime, stay well, have fun and make great jewelry.


  1. It's lookin' good, John. Now it's time to dirty it up!

  2. Nice bench - I am envious of drawers! If you like to look at work space, try looking at Flikr. I had a great 'pool' bookmarked but cannot find it. Here are some other pools...they aren't all jewelry, it's all kinds of arts and crafts - but still fun to look at!
    You can also choose a keyword and look at all public photos that have that keyword. Here is the link for 'workroom'.

    If you click on 'slideshow' on the top right, that is the easiest way to look because you can keep looking just at the keyword photos instead of going in to somebody's separate album to see their baby photos. :)

  3. Thanks for the info, Jennifer

  4. Thanks, John. I'll try to mess it up a little.