Saturday, July 9, 2011


I regret I have nothing to show this week.  Maybe not even next week.  Of all things, I ran out of some supplies of which I thought, mistakenly, there was more.  Not so.  Ordered more, but when they will arrive, anybody's guess.

I have been doing some work, drudge work, I don't especially enjoy, but has to be done.  Made a bunch of jump rings, so there's good supply of those.  Made a bunch of spacers from copper tubing and ran out of that.  More to order.  Gah! it's endless.  Thought I had some brass. Nope.  Very poor inventory management.

Found some of the copper beads had holes too small, spent a lot of time getting those fixed.  Drudge work. Next week, more drudge work until the supplies arrive.

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