Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Ongoing Saga of the Bench Improvement

Going back in time, when the bench arrived, then unpacked, the assembly began. It very quickly became apparent that all was not well. Misaligned holes for the bolts which would hold the bench together meant that it was going to be more effort to put it together than advertised. So, nothing to do but get out some bar clamps to hold everything together and re-drill the holes.

But, with some help from my wife, we managed to get it together. Then another problem appeared. Instability. No matter that the bolts were tightened down, the bench remained shaky. So, a short trip off to the scrap wood pile and cut four pieces to fit between the legs, inside and out, and a piece between the legs on the backside, and bolt them all in place. Gee, it worked! Stability achieved! The back piece does double duty. It also holds a multiple outlet strip for the electrical supply to the flex shaft, lamp, computer and anything else that might need to be plugged in.

The next item to work on was the drawers which didn't fit right, and I didn't like the built in drawer pulls. A little sanding and installing small cabinet drawer pulls I had saved for a few decades, made things more convenient. Another door pull was added to the catch tray.

The double shelf arrangement above the catch tray had a hidden hazard. Accidentally pull it out too far, and oops, it tips and anything on it spills. Another trip to the scrap pile and cut two strips like the ones already installed, screw them in place and now, no more tipping. Adding the door pulls to the double shelf made it much easier to pull it out and push it back.

The arm rests which came with the bench are horrible. They were thrown out as being useless. I really didn't need them, anyway.

The moral of the story is simple: Buy cheap, expect cheap. If any reader is contemplating the purchase of a jeweler"s bench, save up more cash and buy a bench that is, at least, a step up from an economy model. Make sure it's made from solid wood. You will be glad you did.

More later on the on going saga of bench improvements. Maybe my struggles will help someone else.


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