Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another brief post

Thought I'd better post something so the world would know i haven't fallen of the edge.  Just when I thought I could get going again, several things got in the way.  One was doing some jewelry repair for a neighbor lady,  I don't like doing that sort of work, but she's a nice neighbor and, well, I don't like saying no to her.  She doesn't get around very well and I'm always glad to do what I can for her.  Anyway, that's done and out of the way.  Now, I hope I can start working again.

The things I'll be posting in the future will be quite different than what I've done in the recent past.  I'm sort of going back to my old roots, doing more artistic type jewelry and mini-books.  I have purchased quite a lot of new supplies and I will have to do some experimenting with them.

Anyway, look for something different coming soon.