Sunday, March 17, 2013


Personal family matters have taken a toll on my jewelry making time.  I've tried to keep the personal stuff out og the blog, but I think I should just let folks know what we're dealing with.  My wife and I are caretakers for her aged mother.  She requires a lot of care and while we do have people coming in to help, out time to do other things is limited.  So now you know.

Here's and old piece I made some time ago.  Just so you folks will have something to look at.

I call it Misty Morning Sunrise.  Never had a chance to put it out for sale.  The wife glommed on to it

immediately, and said "That one's mine!"

Mostly agates and freshwater pearl and some carnelian.

I'll how another oldie next week, as I won't be able to get anything new done for awhile.


  1. John, Life sounds very full and challenging right now. Family does come first.

    This necklace is beautiful and I can see why your wife claimed it!

  2. Hello my dear friend. It has been a while since last time we talked and a while also since I updated my blogg. I'm here sending you some extra energy for these days. Anything you need John, let me know. I still work at gem shows teaching, making wirewrapping and jewelry demos and with sales. big hug. Franchezka Westwood.

  3. Hi Fran, it has been a long time, hasn't it. Thanks for the energy and the hug, most welcome. Glad to hear you're doing well and continuing with your art. Ill check out your blog one of the days.