Thursday, February 28, 2013


Sorry, nothing to show this post, maybe next week.  It has been too cold to work in the auxiliary studio, otherwise known as the garage.

I wasn't satisfied with the color results I have been getting with the enameling, so I ordered some additional colors and when the weather warms up enough, I'll give it another shot.

if you aren't a member of Ganoksin, you might consider joining.  Doesn't cost anything, and there is a wealth of information on jewelry making to be accessed there.  And besides, for a donation of $35.00 you can be eligible for prizes in the annual giveaway.  You get a chance at a $10,000 gift card from
Rio Grande.  Wow!  You can be like a kid in a candy store!

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine is running a 5 Tool Challenge for jewelry makers.  Interesting, and I just may give it a shot.  There's no prize except that you might get your entry published for all the world to see.  Anyway, you're limited to five tools and no more.  Of course, if you have a flex shaft, there are a plethora of burs, etc. that can be used.  You are also challenged to drill clean holes without using a center punch.  Hah! No problem!  Easy as pie!  I'll show you how in a post here, after the contest deadline, May 1, 2013.

All for now.


  1. I have a stupid question that I have been meaning to ask you.... what does OLIO mean?

    Thanks for the heads up about ganoskin- it's a huge wealth of information which I frequently forget to take advantage of.

    1. Hi Tela, Olio is a mixture of things, odds and ends, miscellany. An old word, seldom used. I use it as a title in the blog when I write about this and that, no particular subject.