Friday, December 28, 2012

John De Rosier

My  friend, John De Rosier, Albany area New York state, has a new web site;

Please take a look if you haven't done already.  John does superb fine art jewelry, none of that rough stuff I do.

Also, visit his blog, either from the new web site or at,

John is posting pictures of his studio, showing his bench from when he got it and how he has adapted it to his own needs.  Well worth taking a look.  He will have more photos later in another blog update.

On another note:  We have our first snow of the season going on this afternoon and it looks like we will have some accumulation.

Also, a welcome to a new follower!  Thanks for your interest!

And, Happy New Year. everyone!


  1. John, Happy New Year! Thanks for the kind words - it's no surprise that you're starting the new year early and on a generous note. Be well, my friend, and happy smithing!

  2. Thanks John, and Happy New Year to you too! I hope the new year will bring much success to you and your jewelry work. Sorry about the misspelling of your name.