Friday, February 17, 2012

Cold Connect using Micro-Fasteners

A small selection of metal elements using micro fasteners to hold them together.  Screws, washers, nuts.  Brass, copper, aluminum, wire mesh.  Flame patina, various textures.

Photo showing a few of the tools used for micro fastener cold connect.  A few micro fasteners shown by the brush.  When I'm working the tools aren't that neatly placed!


  1. Hi John, Just found your blog. I am looking forward to following your journey. I am fascinated by all of your cold connections as I have ventured into riveting. I saw your post on JL and it great to see the pieces close up.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Christine. I am in the process of making up tutorial for JL. Hope to publish in a couple of weeks, maybe longer. I work so slow.


  3. Great stuff here! Working with metal is certainly addictive, isn't it? Where are you getting your microfasteners?

  4. Hi Management, thanks for commenting and welcome to the blog. The microfasteners are from, their jewelry assortment.