Sunday, November 13, 2011

What I am working on.....

Lots of mistakes made on this piece.  The horrid clasp is only temporary.  I'm coloring the Faux Bone™ with acrylic paint and Gilder's Paste.  When that's done, with the pieces cleaned up, I'll put a couple coats of Renaissance wax on them  Then put it all together and hope for the best!

The bit of screen doesn't belong to this piece.

Gilder's Paste is kind of neat stuff.  Best if slightly diluted with mineral spirits.  I used Iris Blue on the back side of the bone, and on the edges.  There's more left to do there.  The acrylic is also slightly diluted, but with water.  I can see some areas that need a bit color.  Slow process.

Anyway, thanks for looking.

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