Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stump in place for testing

Here are pics of the stump. The legs, or posts, whichever you prefer, are not fastened down. It is in place for testing working height. Much remains to be done. I'm going to try putting a piece of scrap carpet on the bottom to make it easier to move around, as it will not be very useful tucked away behind the door.

The disparity in the material is because it's all scrap stuff I had laying around and now it's found some usefulness. It will look better when it's dressed up a bit.

The gray-white are to the right of the bottom pic is the opened garage door. I thought about cropping it out, but left it sort of to show that I don't have a great deal of room in which to work. I do intend to start making jewelry after the first of the coming year. Really!


  1. John: that really turned out nice. I like how it stows neatly into the corner, and best of all, it looks like you can flip it over if you like. Happy hammering!

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  3. Thanks, John. Not as nice as yours, but I think it will be functional enough for my needs.